Important things that you should know before playing Fortnite

Important things that you should know before playing Fortnite

There are many games that let you play with different strangers and win against them. One of such games and one of the best games in the market is Fortnite. Developed by Epic Games, this game is available for both android and iOS platform including previously available PS4, Windows, Mac OS, and Xbox. This is really an addictive game which will make you dive into the virtual world of a barren island where you’ve to fight 99 strangers in order to win this game. There are many ways in which you can be a better player and all of these are mentioned below or you can visit fortnite channel.

Here we’ve come up with a guide for you all guys that can help you get better in the game. If you’re a beginner and even you feel like you’re on an intermediate level then also you’ll need such tips and trick to help get started easily. So let’s get to it –

1. Picking up Resources

Picking up a resource is a hard to do thing but once you’ve mastered knowing things that you need in order to play this game and yet to defend yourself from other players. There are many things that will be available in the game and you’ll need them in order to get started. One of these things is scopes that are highly usable and it will help you a lot with attacking stuff. Suppose if you’ve a rifle and with an 8x scope, you can target them easily and this will take you a long way up to the top.

Look out for air drops that are free to take use of and they will be available after a certain time into the game. You can see those in the air and chasing them will lead you to a rush full area as there will be other players rushing towards the drop. Wait once you’ve reached close and ait for other players to fight and take advantage of fighting them from a hidden place and at the last you’ll surely end up getting much of these resources.

2. Don’t stop anywhere

Stopping at a point will be harmful for your character and once you’ve stopped somewhere then the poison will start affecting your player and you’ll see a reduction in their health. So don’t ever stop while in the gameplay or you’ll find yourself dead somehow. As if you’re using bandages to recover or even you’re reloading your gun. You just don’t have to keep moving.

When you’re in a fight and you see your opponent shooting at you and if you stop at a same place then you’ll be dead soon after and if you keep moving with a locked target in the opponent’s head then you’ll win. What it will do is that if you’re moving then your opponent will find it hard to shoot you and you’ll end up getting yourself shooting him down. While you’re on the go, you should keep an eye on storm and don’t ever come closer to it or you’ll be dead.

3. Keeping the doors locked

When you’re successfully landed on ground and the first thing that you’ll be doing is to rush yourself to the house then it becomes hard to remember to lock the door again. Keep an eye on remembering the doors to be locked and you’ll end up killing one person with your smartness. Keeping the doors locked will manipulate another player that there is no one in this house and this is fresh house to loot. When he will be moving to find loot for himself, you’ll be able to hear footsteps and don’t ever try to move as he will be hear your footsteps too. So keep an eye on these sound and once your opponent comes much close to yourself, get out and face him surprisingly and he’ll be dead in seconds.

So what’s the final verdict?

This is a great game and a full pack of entertainment for almost every age. You can play this game easily for fun but everyone wants to be on the top. So in order to win every game, these Fortnite Cheats will help you.